Elliott the Otter Cooper's Pack Seattle
Elliott the Otter
Born:  Puget Sound (Elliott Bay in Seattle)
Home:  Seattle


Elliott the Otter Cooper's Pack Seattle bbq prawns

Foods:  Penn Cove Oysters, Crab, BBQ Prawns
Color:  Sky Blue, Yellow
Places:  Puget Sound, Top of the Needle
Books:  The Call of the Wild
Artist:  Joan MirĂ³, Harold Balazs
Teacher:  Mr. Layton
Class:  Social Studies, Swimming
Music:  Sweet Water, Miles Davis
Sports:  Deep Sea Diving, Fishing
Hobbies:  Flying, Collecting Flags
Sayings:  “Sterling”
Nickname:  Elli

Elliott the Otter with a copy of Cooper's Pack Seattle book

You can learn more about Elliott on the CoopersPack.com website.
Elliott appears in the Cooper’s Pack Seattle book, published in 2010.